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For Spooky Season, Peter Counter reads “On the Horror of Comedy” from Be Scared of Everything

It’s Spooky Season and we’re featuring readings from some of our authors whose books explore the horrors and vulnerabilities of a life lived. Here, Peter Counter reads the essay “On the Horror of Comedy”, about the television sitcom Frasier, from his collection Be Scared of Everything: Horror Essays (Invisible Publishing, 2020). “Why are we scared? […]

Corporate Personhood, Alien, and Chest-bursting Dreams

Blog post title text, "Corporate Personhood," along with the cover image of Be Scared of Everything, by Peter Counter

This has been a seriously joyful season for the launch of Peter Counter’s essay collection, Be Scared of Everything. The Globe and Mail recently included it in their selection of pop culture titles to gift this season, alongside Bernard De Koven (The Infinite Playground), Lindy West (Shit, Actually), Melissa Maerz (Alright, Alright, Alright), Claire McNear […]

Excerpt: Interviews with My Family Ouija Board

Text reads: Read an Excerpt from Be Scared of Everything, a collection of horror essays by Peter County, against an orange background, plus the blue book cover.

The essays in Peter Counter’s Be Scared of Everything blend non-fiction, narrative memoir, and criticism about the horror genre, built on the premise that there is great personal value in the contemplation of entertainment and literature, especially the spooky stuff. We hope you come to find value in the macabre. In Peter’s words, this book […]

Rewriting History: Why I made a minor, tiny, virtually insignificant change to The Utility of Boredom

An updated edition of Andrew Forbes's book The Utility of Boredom: Baseball Essays is now available.

If, in the near future, you were to purchase a copy of The Utility of Boredom, and if, let’s say, you or someone you know already owned a copy of same, purchased at some point between now and back in April of 2016, when the book was initially published, and if you were to open […]

Father’s Day Sale: DAD PACKS

This Father’s Day, we’ve got your gift-giving needs covered: shop our two-book Dad Packs, where the books are 50% off in print or digital form, until the end of June! We’ve got a nonfiction pairing and a fiction pairing to satisfy any reader. Get shopping!

Meaningful Games: Atlanta

This is the first pennant-race dispatch from Invisible author Andrew Forbes (What You Need). He’ll be blogging in this space, come hell or high water, until the final out of the year. In Spring 2016 we’ll be releasing The Utility of Boredom, a collection of Forbes’s baseball essays; you can get a small taste of […]