Invisible Publishing is currently accepting literary manuscript submissions, including works of fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction. All narrative works with contemporary themes will be considered, however, we are not interested in genre fiction or YA projects. That said, if you send it, we’ll read it. Show us your stuff.

Invisible Publishing is committed to publishing diverse voices and experiences. In acknowledging historical and systemic barriers, and the limits of our existing catalogue, we strongly encourage LGBTQ2SIA+, Indigenous and writers of colour to submit their work.

We’re open to seeing what you’ve got, what you’re working on. It used to be that we encouraged submissions by e-mail and made room for romantics who liked to take trips to the post office, but it’s the future now. If you want to make a book, you better know how the internet works.

Email submissions [at] Submissions must include the following in .doc, .pdf, or .odt formats:

A dated query letter
Author statement/synopsis
The full manuscript; please format all file names according to the convention ‘LastnameProjectTitle.doc’ or ‘LastnameCV.doc’

Invisible Publishing is an intimately run independent publisher. Please allow sufficient time (measured in months, not days) to receive a response to your submission.