Invisible Publishing produces cool and contemporary Canadian fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. As a not-for-profit publisher, we are committed to publishing diverse voices and stories in beautifully designed and affordable editions. Even though we’re small in scale, we take our work and our mission seriously: we believe in building communities that sustain and encourage engaging, literary, and current writing.

Invisible Publishing is also home to the Bibliophonic series (music bios) and the Throwback series (revived CanLit reissues).

Since releasing our first fiction titles in the spring of 2007, our catalogue has come to include works of graphic fiction and non-fiction, pop culture biographies, experimental poetry, and prose. Learn a little more about how we work here, here, and here.

Invisible Publishing is a member of the Association of Canadian Publishers, the Ontario Book Publishers Organization, and the Literary Press Group of Canada.

We’re also passionate climate stewards — we want to make sure the generations that follow us are able to engage with reading and writing and books:

    • Our books are printed in small batches, and are certified FSC Recycled (certificate no. SGSNA-COC-002624).
    • We purchase carbon offsets from to help with the emissions we can’t cut out, like those generated by car/air travel and shipping.

Leigh Nash

Bryan Ibeas

Julie Wilson
Marketing & Publicity

Megan Fildes
Art Director

Del Cowie
Bibliophonic Series Editor

Nic Boshart

Robbie MacGregor

Bart Vautour
Throwback series editor