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Reading Guide: Avalanche, by Jessica Westhead

Jessica Westhead has written a letter to the reader of Avalanche, her latest collection of short stories. Be sure to save (and share!) the link to this page. Here, Jessica invites us as readers into her process of exploring the discomfort of the so-called “well-intentioned” white person’s burgeoning self-awareness, and how she uses humour to […]

Q & A: Jennifer Falkner (Above Discovery)

“Falkner’s stories are dark, transportive, and intimately detailed character studies. Her expansive interest in history is apparent, ingrained in the minutiae of each fiction [wherein] looking backward, the constraints of the past are unexpectedly and undeniably revealed as intertwined with those of the present. …[An] exciting debut.” —Quill & Quire, Starred Review This spring, we […]

Reading Guide: Jennifer Falkner’s Above Discovery

Our books are great conversation starters, and who better to start those conversations than the authors themselves! You can find all of our available reading guides here. Rarely do I want to write stories about the lives of kings or generals. That ground feels well covered by now. In Above Discovery, I wanted instead to […]

For Spooky Season, Francine Cunningham reads from God Isn’t Here Today

It’s Spooky Season and we’re featuring readings from some of our authors whose books explore the horrors and vulnerabilities of a life lived. Here, Francine Cunningham reads the short story “Spectre Sex” from her collection God Isn’t Here Today (Invisible Publishing, 2022). This story was inspired by accounts of people having intimate encounters with ghosts. […]

“Keep singing, keep playing, keep dancing. Keep writing.”

Blog post graphic introducing a musical playlist curated by Swimmers in Winter author Faye Guenther.

Hi reader, How are you doing in these strange times? Where I live, it’s week three of a declared state of emergency, in the middle of this global pandemic (COVID-19). Wherever you are, I hope you’re doing okay, and finding ways to keep your spirit up and your heart full and your body moving. Music’s […]

“The problems of Gilgamesh are the problems of our species.”

Book cover for Even That Wildest Hope displayed on a tablet, alongside a note announcing a free story download.

Writing this book, I looked to literatures of the past like The Epic of Gilgamesh. It emerges a mere 6,000 years ago, when humans formed city-states and organized themselves in terms of property relations. What I discovered is that even back then, the writer of the epic is concerned with our desire to dominate and […]

5 Books that Explore Identity & Intimacy

5 Books that Explore Identity and Intimacy These five books delve into how our identities and intimate relationships are formed and revisited, in friendships, tragedy, bereavement, and vindication. Glass Beads by Dawn Dumont (Thistledown Press): These interconnected stories feature the friendships of four First Nations people against the cultural, political, and historical backdrop of the […]