Best Canadian Music Writing 2021

Text reads: Best Canadian Music Writing 2021. Images from albums by The Weather Station and Mustafa.

Images: Album art for Ignorance by The Weather Station & When Smoke Rises by Mustafa compiled by Del Cowie, Invisible’s intrepid Bibliophonic editor It’s the end of another year and for the fourth year running, I’ve decided to compile a Best Canadian Music Writing list. One of the reasons I started doing this list a […]

Editor’s View: The Quiet Is Loud

Following the publication of The Quiet Is Loud, editor Bryan Ibeas discusses the revelatory experience of working with an author who shares his heritage, and the multi-layered search for belonging in Samantha Garner’s debut novel. I’ve already had plenty of conversations elsewhere about how life-changing it was for me, an editor of Filipino-Canadian heritage, to […]

Translator’s View: The Philosophy of Gardening

Following the publication of The Philosophy of Gardening, translator Karen Caruana considers what it means to be gardening through the second summer of a pandemic and reflects on the relationship between translation and travel. It’s June 2021 and I find myself sitting at my computer, staring out the window onto a scene green with leafed-out […]