PEN America’s Online Harassment Field Manual

File this one under important info you hope to never use: PEN America has released an Online Harassment Field Manual, a digital guide that contains effective strategies and resources that writers, journalists, their allies, and their employers can use to defend against cyber hate and fight online abuse.

Some of the legal info won’t be applicable to Canadians, given that this is coming from a US outfit, but there’s still plenty to take away from this doc, including:

  • Tactics, tips, and guidelines for enhancing cyber security and preventing doxing
  • Advice for practicing self-care and maintaining community during online harassment
  • An online harassment glossary with proposed responses
  • Ideas for leveraging online writing communities to combat online harassment
  • Tips for combating hate speech with counterspeech
  • Guidelines for allies and witnesses interested in intervening in online harassment
  • Best practices for employers of writers and journalists to improve institutional support during episodes of online abuse

The Online Harassment Field Manual is available here.

Stay strong and stay safe and take care of yourselves, Internet pals.


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