4 Books for Foodies

Books to inspire you to gather up some good times in the kitchen, with family, friends and little ones!

A Taste of Haida Gwaii: Food Gathering and Feasting at the Edge of the World by Susan Musgrave (Whitecap Books): Filled with recipes, pictures and the “kind of stories that one friend would regale another with over a mug of tea and a plate of freshly baked cookies,” poet Susan Musgrave seams together a portrait of life and foraging on the remote British Columbian island of Haida Gwaii, sharing the secret ingredient for every great meal: humour! Recipes include: Hands-Free Cloudberry Jam, Rose Spit Halibut with Wild Rose Petals and an (Almost) Flourless Chocolate Torte with Thimbleberry Elderflower Liqueur Coulis.

Julia, Child by Kyo Maclear and Julie Morstad (Tundra Books): This picture book from the author of Birds Art Life and illustrator Julie Morstad (When You Were Small) depicts a scrumptious story, a tasty tale, a yummy yarn – okay; we’re done – of two young friends who discover a shared love of cooking. Inspired by Maclear’s time as a 15-year-old working in a French patisserie shop in Toronto, Julia, Child is a celebration of eating and having fun in the kitchen!

Eaten Back to Life by Jonah Campbell (Invisible Publishing): Jonah Campbell’s writing has been described as swinging “wildly from erudite examination to personnel confessional to comedic reportage.” In this follow up to 2011’s Food & Trembling, the 44 short essays in Eaten Back to Life render in delirious prose the ecstasies and absurdities of feeding ourselves. The author’s own pairings for this book include: “Watch The Fly or Renoir’s La Règle du jeu! … blind-taste some weird chips, invent a cocktail with a portentous name!” Get some friends together, bring some snacks and take some reading tips from the author himself in the Eaten Back to Life reader guide. Dig in!

Fermentation Revolution: 70 Easy Recipes for Sauerkraut, Kombucha, Kimchi and More by Sebastien Bureau and David Cote (Robert Rose): Stick around for the science or just skip ahead to the recipes! From fermented vegetables, fruits, sugars and honey to milks, cereals, grains and legumes—and with gorgeous photos throughout—this step-by-step introduction to fermentation is easy to absorb and digest! (See what we did there?)

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