Introducing the Invisibook Book Tour Club

We’re officially kicking off the Invisibook Book Tour Club!

If you’re going somewhere cool, you need something cool to read. We’ve got you covered: Email us with your request and we’ll send you a free book to take on vacation. All we ask in return is that you take photos of the book we send you taking in the local sights!

To participate, drop us a line at info[at]invisiblepublishing[dot]com with:

  1. Your mailing address
  2. Your book request
  3. Where you’re traveling, and a minimum of three spots in which you’ll take photos of the book (you know, while it’s on “tour”)
  4. Post the photos on your social media accounts and hashtag the shit out of them with #invisibooktour and #invisibooks

The best part is that you get to leave the book behind for a future reader to continue the tour. Every book will have a bookplate that logs the location and date the book is left, and the location and date it’s found, and the hashtags to visually trace its trip.

Happy travels/trails!

Fine print: we reserve the right to deny requests, cancel membership in this club and/or cancel this club at any time. Thanks for your understanding, and for playing nice!

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