Invisible Publishing is seeking a new editor/s for its Bibliophonic series of Canadian music bios. Each book is a time capsule that captures artists and their work, and provides a unique look at some of today’s most exciting musicians. The editor will be responsible for soliciting, reviewing, and making decisions on submissions to the imprint, editing books accepted for publications, and will collaborate with Invisible’s publisher on all aspects of the publication process. Applicants should possess strong organizational and management skills, the ability to work with others, and a commitment to publishing high quality, relevant, and engaging writing. This work can be done remotely. Applicants should develop and share their vision and strategy for the Bibliophonic series, including mission, aims and scope, strategies for developing and acquiring content. Tell us why you want this job, and about the musicians you’d like to cover and/or authors you’d like to publish. If you had the opportunity to take this imprint and run with it, what direction would you take things? Invisible Publishing is committed to publishing diverse voices and experiences. In acknowledging historical and systemic barriers, and the limits of our existing catalogue, we strongly encourage LGBTQ2SIA+, Indigenous, and writers of colour to apply for this position. Invisible Publishing offers a modest stipend for this position. Applicants should send a letter of application including their vision for the future of the Bibliophonic series, description of qualifications for the position, and a current CV to Leigh Nash, Publisher. Applicants are encouraged to submit applications by 15 June 2018, although applications will be considered on an ongoing basis. Please share this posting widely; links to do so are below. Thanks!

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