Sideshow Tour Diary #10 | Lonely Trans on a Halifax Pier

Except I’m not at all lonely in Halifax, surrounded by family, old friends, new friends, proper pepperoni, donair pizza, and the talented and amazing Kaleigh Trace. (Yeah, that’s right, a sentence fragment!) Kaleigh and I read together at Venus Envy, where I performed with my mentor Jeanette Lynes in 2004. It flattered me excessively then that my aunts filed in and sat in front of the dildo wall, and they did it again in 2015.

As you may be able to tell with these blog posts, words are failing me when it comes to describing this tour experience. I can’t find the right metaphor. Hmmm. By the time we reached Halifax, I felt like I was a bug who had lost its exoskeleton. How’s that? Maybe we can just let the pictures do the talking.

A poetry-tour dispatch from Invisible author Lucas Crawford (Sideshow Concessions). Catch Lucas between readings here on the Invisiblog for the next couple of months.

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