Year In Review


Holy heck, it’s been a year. There were more books, more events, there was more crazy awards news… than ever before. EVER.

2013 was a big year for Invisible. We made 6 awesome books with 5 amazing, charming hustlers.  We started publishing poetry?! We hosted a whack of cool events, and our authors read at festivals across Canada (some went even further afield). We did fun give-aways and cool promo all over the dang internet, and made a million friends.

Anyway, this being the time of year end lists (hope you saw the ones in the Globe, Rookie, etc.) and all, we wanted to take a minute to just say how proud we are of the great authors we got to work with in 2013.

· We’re proud of Claire Lacey (TWIN TONGUES), who won the Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry*! What an amazing debut.
*Get your submissions in now for the 2014 Award!
·We’re proud of Stephanie Domet, who worked with us to release a beautiful new format edition of her classic, HOMING, and then went on to write an amazing sophomore title, FALLSY DOWNSIES! She toured everywhere, and even got to be on the cover of the Coast!
·We’re proud of Anna Quon (another Invisible alumna!) who out did herself in the creation of her second novel, LOW. Anna got reviewed in every major publication I can think of. I still can’t believe it.
·We’re proud of kevin mcpherson eckhoff, and his book FORGE. How lucky are we that the first book of poetry Invisible ever published was penned by this beautiful maniac? SERIOUSLY.
·Finally, we’re proud of Malcolm Fraser, who brought back the Bibliophonic Series with his terrific WOODEN STARS: INNOCENT GEARS. He pleased fans, the band (remember when the Juno got brought out to a launch?), everybody.

We’re proud of our authors. We’re also proud of the “Invisible” hands that made covers, edited titles, wrote copy, built our digital editions, tweeted, responded to emails, worked on bookkeeping, helped manage our interests and get books out the door.
We’re proud, but also hugely grateful to all those who helped more than they should have for the sums on offer or simply volunteered their time and energy this year. Invisible Publishing is a mostly volunteer run, not-for-profit, and those working on paid contracts with us all go above and beyond what anyone could reasonably expect of them. We think it makes sense to show a little love at the end of the year for all those who’ve worked on behalf of our books and our authors. Publishers and their ilk are an effacing lot, so we’ll simply say: You know who you’re. Thank you.

Finally, a big thank you to Invisible’s readers, and to the folks from the festivals (in Ottawa, Halifax, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Eden Mills, Woody Point, etc.), booksellers (in Halifax, TO, Guelph, Montreal, etc.), and awards (from the Giller to the ReLit) that help us connect again and again with the readers we work for and care about.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We promise to keep doing what we do next year. We promise to work harder, do better, give you more of what you want and less of what you don’t. stick with us in 2014 and you won’t be disappointed.


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