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Our books and authors are regularly covered by the Globe and Mail, National Post, Quill and Quire, and Toronto Star. They’re landing on the Giller Prize shortlist and multiple year-end best-of lists. And they’re getting great reviews by readers, too.

I think [I Am a Truck] would be a great book for an English class or a book club to read because there is plenty of room for discussion and exploration of the main themes.

Elizabeth D. / Goodreads

[The Utility of Boredom] is a fantastic collection for baseball fans and non-fans alike. Love that Forbes approaches the subject from so many angles and talks about the glory and pain of fandom as much as the sport itself. Will definitely be giving this to a few people for Xmas.

Marisa Carpico / Goodreads

[Jim Guthrie: Who Needs What] seems on the surface to be your average Canadian independent lo-fi musician turned soundtrack extraordinaire biography, but the pages of this short read provide a unique and rather inspiring take on what music and sound truly are.

Charles / Goodreads