Invisible Publishing’s recent translation highlights include German translations of Kayleigh Trace’s Hot, Wet, and Shaking: How I Learned to Talk About Sex into German (Orlanda) and Michelle Winters’ I Am a Truck into German (Wagenbach Verlag), and French translations of Bindu Suresh’s 26 Knots (Éditions Marchand de feuilles), Jonah Campbell’s Eaten Back to Life (Éditions Nota Bene), and Lands and Forests and The Utility of Boredom: Baseball Essays by Andrew Forbes (Les Éditions de Ta Mère).

We hold world rights for most of our titles. We’d love to talk with you about bringing our books into your language and territory; please email our publisher Leigh Nash.

Featured titles
Cover for the novel The Union of Smokers by Paddy Scott. Cover features two cartoon chickens, on with its head cut off, against a grungy orange background.

“I love this book so much. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see it on some awards list this fall… Even though the protagonist isn’t technically a man yet, being only twelve, I would argue that he embodies all the traits that our society tends to value in men. But he’s also been exposed to some terrible men and their worst traits. His father was abusive. So, it’s a really interesting experiment in how we raise our kids, what rubs off on them, and the kind of lessons that they learn from us.”—Anne Logan, CBC’s The Homestretch, Books Columnist

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Cover image includes a hand-lettered title, Be Scared of Everything: Horror Essays and author name, Peter Counter. Text is centered against a blue background, and surrounded by white and bright green line drawings of occult and horror-related symbols.

A book that shows us everything is terrifying—from Pokémon to PTSD—and that horror can be just as honest, vulnerable, and funny as it is scary.

“A heady mix of memoir and critical essays. Discerning, unafraid to examine larger questions without easy answers, the collection is also warm and entertaining. The link between the essays and personal reflections on horror is empathy, which is why so many of us continue to be drawn to the genre.”—Paul Tremblay, author of  The Cabin at the End of the World 

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Front cover of Swimmers in Winter by Faye Guenther

“[T]ense and heartbreaking, the stories in Swimmers in Winter are also dynamic and sexy. Guenther shines a light on queer women and their experiences in an honest way that isn’t done enough in literature.”—This Magazine

“In tight but vivid prose, Faye Guenther has created a masterful symphony of sensation and meaning. Swimmers in Winter is a wonderful debut and offers a hauntingly beautiful meditation on uncertainty, pain, love, sexuality, and selfhood.”—The Miramichi Reader

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In this baseball memoir in scorecards and baseball cards, Forbes locates peace, reassurance, and a way to measure the passage of time with home run bonanzas, old games on YouTube, and especially in the unique career of beloved outfielder Ichiro Suzuki.

Just as he did in The Utility of Boredom, Forbes shows us how a summertime distraction might help us to make sense of the world, and how a certain enigmatic Japanese superstar offers a surprising ethos for living.

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