Meaningful Games: The Results are In

It’s exhausting, isn’t it? Even if you’re not in the game, even if you’re only watching. Necessarily, you’re invested after so much back and forth, the numbers encouraging, then not, then going your way again. I’m talking about both baseball and the federal election, in case I’m being too opaque here. The campaign, which kicked… Continue Reading Meaningful Games: The Results are In

Meaningful Games: Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Makes Sense

Sam Dyson, the Texas reliever who surrendered what going forward will likely be viewed as the second-most important home run in Blue Jays’ team lore, reacted to José Bautista’s defiant, celebratory bat flip, and to the Blue Jays’ exuberance in general, by saying “If they want to act like that, it’s whatever.” We’ll have to… Continue Reading Meaningful Games: Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Makes Sense

Meaningful Games: Thanksgiving

Baseball gives, and we are thankful. That the Blue Jays’ two backs-to-the-wall, series-swinging victories occurred over the long Thanksgiving weekend, when we might watch with family and, bellies full, cheer ourselves hoarse, was a lovely bit of fortune. Memories, I feel safe stating, were made. I watched Game 3—unofficially presented as a plebiscite on this… Continue Reading Meaningful Games: Thanksgiving

Sideshow Tour Diary #1

The poet prepares for a launch via nail art. Having just read and loved Dina Del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli’s Rom Com, I had to read up on Jennifer and Justin’s wedding. Can you believe that Joey and Chandler weren’t invited? I have arrived in Edmonton! I lived here (off and on) for about six… Continue Reading Sideshow Tour Diary #1

Meaningful Games: That One Hurt

That one hurt. What has yet to be determined, though, is whether that long afternoon, and the handful of turning points offered therein (like that elastic strike zone), will prove long after the fact to be a fanbase’s shared injustice, a “remember when” rallying cry, or the adversarial element in a stirring narrative of improbable… Continue Reading Meaningful Games: That One Hurt

Meaningful Games: Drama

Regarding the Blue Jays, there is a lot to see and hear and read today, probably a lot more than there was the last time the team prepared to throw open the gates of the SkyDome for a playoff game, so I don’t want to get in the way of your taking all that in.… Continue Reading Meaningful Games: Drama

Lucas Crawford & Kaleigh Trace at Naked Heart

Invisible authors have heart! Lucas Crawford and Kaleigh Trace are taking part in the first ever Naked Heart festival. Here’s where you can see and hear them: Saturday, October 17 // 3:30 to 4:30 pm In:verse — Poetry & Tea // A reading event with Lucas Crawford, Cathy Petch, Debra Anderson, Jordaan Mason, Maureen Hynes,… Continue Reading Lucas Crawford & Kaleigh Trace at Naked Heart

Meaningful Games: Twenty-Two Years

It’s childlike, this feeling, this joy, the joy of watching your team capture something like this. Childlike because it is unrestrained and boisterous, and childlike too because it’s been so long since you saw it. How old were you in 1993? You were sixteen, you were ten, you were just a babe. And it felt… Continue Reading Meaningful Games: Twenty-Two Years

Happy Birthday, All Lit Up!

All Lit Up, the best place on the internet to find indie Canadian books, is celebrating its first birthday this September with a huge sale and lovely retrospective blog post. And Sideshow Concessions is Julia’s (the amazing general manager of LitDistCo) fall 2015 book pick. Here’s what she has to say: I’ve been lucky enough… Continue Reading Happy Birthday, All Lit Up!

Meaningful Games: Eclipse

Whatever we want to call the hot magic that has propelled the Toronto Blue Jays these last two months, it may have have hit its apogee Sunday. That night’s impending #superbloodmooneclipse might have exerted its influence, but then there’s been something moony about this team since the end of July, when a scuffling collection of… Continue Reading Meaningful Games: Eclipse