Kaleigh Trace

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Kaleigh Trace works with words and dildos. With words, Kaleigh writes & talks about shameless sex of all kinds, for all kinds. She is the author of Hot, Wet & Shaking: How I Learned to Talk About Sex which won the Evelyn Richardson Non-Fiction Award in 2015. Her written work can also be found in Shameless Magazine, No More Potlucks, and Guts Feminist Magazine. With dildos, Kaleigh teaches sex ed. workshops. She has presented at the Guelph Sexuality Conference, the Biennial Western Canadian Conference on Sexual Health, and the Playground Conference. As a presenter, Kaleigh is most interested in leading workshops that explore disability, desirability, resistance and sex toys. Not necessarily in that order. As a queer, disabled, white femme Kaleigh thinks about the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, ability, and class and how these influence our lived realities and our personal style. She likes talking about haircuts, feelings and everything that falls in between.
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