Jennifer Londry

Jennifer Londry is the author of three books of poetry: Tatterdemalion, (Chaudiere Books, 2015). Life and Death in Cheap Motels, which was adapted for stage, and After the Words, which was nominated for a Saskatchewan Book Award. A featured reader at the 2009 Kingston Writers’ Festival and at the 2011 Sweetwater 905 in Northern BC, and again at a round table event in 2015. She has also facilitated and organized a literary event for Alzheimer’s Awareness.

Jen has taught creative writing and has also been a judge for Words from the Street, a creative writing competition in association with The Toronto Writers’ Collective. She is also a contributor to the anthologies: A Crystal through which Love Passes, Glosas for P.K. Page (Buschek Books, 2013), Where the nights Are twice As long, Love Letters of Canadian Poets, (Goose Lane Editions, 2015), and the Alzheimer’s anthology, A Rewording Life: Finding Meaning in the Wor(l)d, creator Sheryl Gordon, (2015). A suite of Jen’s poems was also featured in the play, WASTE/away produced by the Chipped Off Performance Collective in association with Queen’s University Drama Department (2015). Jen also collaborated with documentary filmmaker S. Turnbull at the Carleton University School of Journalism and Communications to produce the mental health video, Chemical Imbalance. Currently Jennifer is writing a memoir about falling down (physically and emotionally), and getting back up, after breaking her neck in twenty-sixteen.

A Conversation with Jennifer Londry (Open Book)