Andrew Kaufman

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Andrew Kaufman was born in the town of Wingham, Ontario. This is the same town that Alice Munro was born in, making him the second best writer from a town of 3000. Descending from a long line of librarians and accountants, his first published work was All My Friends Are Superheroes, a story following the adventures of a man turned invisible only to his wife. This novella, first published by Coach House Books in Canada, has also been published in the UK and translated into Italian, French, Norwegian, German, Korean, Spanish and Turkish. He has since published The Waterproof Bible, The Tiny Wife, Selected Business Correspondence and, Born Weird. He is also an accomplished screenwriter for film and television, and has completed a Directors’ Residence at the Canadian Film Centre. He lives in East Oz district of downtown Toronto with has wife, the film editor Marlo Miazga and their two children, Phoenix and Frida.

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