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One Good Question: Seyward Goodhand and Andrew Forbes

Photo of Andrew Forbes and Seyward Goodhand with post title One Good Question in a speech bubble between them.

One Good Question is a series in which two authors ask each other a single question. In this installment, Andrew Forbes and Seyward Goodhand talk about literary neighbourhoods, eating artichokes with Doris Lessing, and do their best to squeeze in more questions. Andrew Forbes: Genre tags are, of course, problematic. At best they’re reductive, and at […]

2020 Reading Resolutions

Invisible author reading resolutions for 2020

Our authors have reading resolutions—lots of them. From finally finishing a certain book to reading more diversely and drinking more Champagne, here are Invisible authors’ reading goals for 2020: Anna Leventhal, author of Sweet Affliction: My 2020 resolution is to read more nonfiction, which I recently realized I don’t do nearly enough of (my 2019 […]

Rewriting History: Why I made a minor, tiny, virtually insignificant change to The Utility of Boredom

An updated edition of Andrew Forbes's book The Utility of Boredom: Baseball Essays is now available.

If, in the near future, you were to purchase a copy of The Utility of Boredom, and if, let’s say, you or someone you know already owned a copy of same, purchased at some point between now and back in April of 2016, when the book was initially published, and if you were to open […]