Call for Bibliophonic Proposals

We want your short literary takes on contemporary music. We’re particularly interested in Canadian music and/or uniquely Canadian perspectives on music.

Invisible Publishing’s Bibliophonic series is a catalogue of the ongoing history of contemporary Canadian music. Each book is a time capsule, capturing artists and their work as we see them, providing a unique look at some of today’s most exciting musicians.

Canadian musicians are continuing to make seismic cultural contributions in this country and abroad. Bibliophonic books provide an opportunity for writers to critically assess the impact of these musicians.

We will also consider proposals from writers exploring music scenes, genres and subgenres, or individual artists from a Canadian perspective, regardless of the subject’s nationality.

The submission window is now open. Proposals are due by May 31, 2023. All proposals should be sent to

Please submit a proposal that includes the following, submitted in .doc, .pdf, or .odt format. Proposals that do not include all of the following requirements will not be considered for publication.

  • A paragraph (of no more than 250 words) that outlines the proposed project’s content, arc, and themes.
  • An author statement/synopsis (of no more than 500 words) outlining your unique approach, and explaining why you are the person to write the book.
  • A table of contents with a short description of each chapter.
  • The subject and/or proposed title of the book in the subject line of the email.

We’re committed to publishing diverse voices and experiences, and acknowledge historical and systemic barriers that exist in publishing, along with the limits of our existing catalogue. Given these, we strongly encourage LGBTQ2SIA+, Indigenous writers, and writers of colour to submit their work. We want to help get your stories out into the world.

We look forward to reading your work!

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