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Two birds and book title

Hi readers,


We’re Parnassian Publishing: a small team, student-run imprint of Invisible republishing Little Bird Stories, Volume 7. We’d like to thank Invisible Publishing and the Sarah Selecky Writing School for this opportunity.

The day has finally come: we’re publishing the book! And it’s out right now!

It features three stories from three phenomenal Canadian authors: Sidura Ludwig, Carolyn Moore, and Ann Cavlovic.

If you’re looking for a relatable immigrant story, and you have daddy issues, an anxious attachment style and simultaneously a superiority AND inferiority complex to boot, Pufferman might be the one for you. Sidura does a wonderful job tying together elements of humour via a genuinely gut-wrenching premise. Beware: this will awaken your inner child, in all its angst-riddled glory. **side note from the person writing this: I am Filipino and this greatly resonated with me**

Do you want people to get off your lawn? Stan’s House has that guy. Let’s just say… he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Sohki from the Environment Ministry. Ann’s witty prose is so masterful that she actually makes you connect with cranky old Stan, the male equivalent of a Karen. He might piss you off and you’ll definitely disagree with him, but again, if you have attachment issues, you might see where he’s getting at.

Have you been dealing with loss and grief? Has this world tarnished your silly little soul? Are you struggling with recovery from a traumatic circumstance? Grab some tissues; What You See When is an intense and poignant story that might bring you some form of catharsis. Carolyn’s writing is reflective and realistic, and is so good that she literally received an Honorary Mention in Glimmer Train Press’s Short Story Award for New Writers. Truthfully, I can’t make a joke about this one.

We know it’s been a long year, but we’re glad that the day has finally arrived for these heart-felt stories from Sarah Selecky Writing School to be available. Hopefully these stories warm your heart, as they certainly warmed ours.

Buy your copy of Little Bird Stories, Volume 7 today at Invisible’s book store!


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