Manfred? More like Ban-fred

The word "Banned" is written in chalk on a blackboard and covered by an x.

Here at Invisible, we’re big supporters of workers’ rights. We also like fun. And baseball (we did publish The Utility of Boredom and The Only Way Is the Steady Way, after all). We have these things in common with the Kalamazoo Growlers, a collegiate baseball team in the US; the Growlers are so fun, in fact, that they’ve instituted a Fun Policy at their home ballpark.

What’s less fun is Major League Baseball currently locking out major-league ballplayers in an effort to strongarm the players’ union. All of this is happening under the guidance of Rob Manfred, MLB’s commissioner. In solidarity with major-league players, the Growlers have enacted a lifetime ban on Rob Manfred from attending their home games.

We’re joining the Growlers by banning Rob Manfred from buying our books forever. But don’t worry, Rob, there are plenty of other enriching books you can read, like this, or this.

One thought on “Manfred? More like Ban-fred

  1. Sean Hertel says:

    Wish Manfred would make like a Guerrero Jr.-hit baseball and get outta here, and at a high exit velocity! We’ll done!

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