Win a Personal Tarot Reading!

The Quiet is Loud cover on top of an array of cards from the Rider-Waite tarot deck

Join us for the launch of The Quiet is Loud on Instagram Live, Thursday, May 20, 8 PM ET, and enter for your chance to win a personal tarot reading from Aerin Fogel!

Contest Instructions:

Terms & Conditions: Contest closes May 20, 8 PM ET. The winner will be announced during the live launch. Your Instagram account must be public.⁠⁠ You must be comfortable giving us your email address, to be shared only with Aerin Fogel.⁠ The tarot reading will take place online on a personal call over Zoom.

About Aerin Fogel: Aerin Fogel has been working with clients since 2012 offering astrology, tarot, and karmic pattern readings. Based in Toronto, she sits on the board for Astrology Toronto and has been part of their speaker series, and has spoken at national conferences like the Canadian Astrology Conference. In addition to her client work she is the founder and Artistic Director for Venus Fest, a music festival celebrating diverse genders and identities within music. She plays in her band Queen Of Swords, and currently has monthly astrology columns with Beatroute Magazine and Province Apothecary. Aerin strives to work from an integrated, trauma-informed perspective, and celebrates the many expressions of healing, identity, and humanness.

About The Quiet is Loud: The perfect marriage of literary and speculative fiction for readers of Kazuo Ishiguro and NK Jemisin. Interwoven with themes of Filipino Canadian and mixed-race identity, fantastical elements from Norse and Filipino mythology, and tarot card symbolism, The Quiet Is Loud is an intergenerational tale about the consequences of secrets and what happens when we refuse to let others tell our stories for us.

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