The No-Sale Sale

We love a good sale just as much as the next person. But this year, we’ve decided not to offer a pre-holiday sale on our books.

Instead, we’re asking you to shop for Invisible Publishing titles at your local bookstore. Maybe it’s an indie, maybe it’s an Indigo: every bookstore needs your support right now if they’re going to make it through this pandemic.

But wait! There’s something in it for you: if you buy two Invisible Publishing books, and send us a photo of the receipt and your mailing address, we’ll send you a free, limited-edition SURPRISE in the mail. This offer is good until midnight on December 31, 2020.


Need help finding a local bookstore? The brilliant minds at Rocky Mountain Books put together this helpful map of bookstores who deliver.

Want to share the love by shopping at more than one store? Great! Just send us your combined receipts, with the dates clearly visible.

Not comfortable shopping in person? Most indie bookstores allow you to order through their websites, or over the phone, and many offer delivery.

Want book recommendations? We’ll share a bunch of our favourite pairings on our blog and social media over the next couple of weeks. Or you can write us and we’ll help you out.

Are orders from Amazon eligible for the SURPRISE? No. If you send us an Amazon receipt for this promo, you’ll be automatically added to our “naughty” list and you’ll receive a five-paragraph essay as to why shopping at Amazon makes Santa’s elves cry.

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