Cold drinks + books = summer is finally here

Pop Fiction: book and soda pairings

Match made in heaven alert: We’ve paired up our books with sodas made by our excellent pals at The County Bounty!

POP FICTION gives you the perfect small-batch drink to go with your perfect small-batch book. What a perfect way to stick it to Amazon, amiright?

We’ve got three pairings up for grabs right now:

Each element of Apple, Lemon and Fennel soda enhances another, just like the cast of characters that make up the small east-coast town at the centre of Searching for Terry Punchout.

Raspberry and Lime soda is pure summer fun in a bottle and pairs perfectly with Death and the Intern, a page-turning crime novel with a shot of dark comedy.

Rose-Hibiscus Hops soda is best described as an “adult cream soda,” which means it pairs well with the nostalgia evoked in Lands and Forests, which digs beneath stunning landscapes to unearth the wild moments that make us human.

The low low price of $24 gets you a 4 pack of soda + a book.

Check out all the details in The County Bounty’s online soda store. We’ve got pick-up points for you in Ottawa, Napanee, and Picton so you don’t even have to pay for shipping. Yippee!

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