Particular Pastimes

Text is Semi-deep reads on specific subjects surrounded by line drawings of a crown, an eye, stars, and a lightning bolt

In Andrew Forbes’ essay for The Hardball Times, he says, “”In the absence of anything resembling the commonplace […] there’s decadence to be found in triviality.”

Here’s a very serious list of books that invite you to deep-dive into a few particular pastimes.

Along with a reminder that all of our ebooks are Pay-What-You-Choose, with 100% of the proceeds from sales going to the author, while our print books are now 25% off!

The Utility of Boredom: Baseball Essays by Andrew Forbes
Baseball: Spitball literary essays on the off-kilter joys, sorrows and wonder of North America’s national pastime. The Utility of Boredom is a book about finding respite and comfort in the order, traditions, and rituals of baseball.

OO: Typewriter Poems by Dani Spinosa
HOT PINK: The design of OO incorporates hot pink to mimic the ink of the original typewriters Dani used to write these poems – feminist visual poetry that rewrites avant garde poetic history.

Eaten Back to Life: Essays by Jonah Campbell
Artisanal prose: In the tradition of writers like M. F. K. Fisher and David Foster Wallace, Eaten Back to Life renders in delirious prose the ecstasies and absurdities that lie beneath the daily business of feeding ourselves.

The Truth About Facts by Bart Vautour
Factoids: An A-to-Z compendium that finds the wonder in information overload. Ranging from topics as assorted as Brazil Nuts and Juggling to meditations on Rememoration and the Zodiac, these poems move deftly between the surety of aphorism and the anxieties of critique.

NoMeansNo: Going Nowhere by Mark Black
Punk rock: NoMeansNo tells the story of a band whose career has spanned three decades, 14 albums and spawned an alter-ego that’s become as much a part of the Canadian consciousness as Harold Snepsts or SCTV.

The Rememberer by YORODEO & Jenner-Brooke Berger
Whimsical organization: Part (date-less) planner, part art book, 100% inspiration! Packed with tools for the creative/disorganized and featuring micro-fictions exploring similar themes. Fun, beautiful, and practical!

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