Good Reads from Prince Edward County

To help celebrate the success of Don’t Honk Twice: A Prince Edward County Anthology (we’ve already reprinted!), we put together a complementary reading list for your enjoyment. Here are some good reads from the County!

The Al Purdy A-Frame Anthology, edited by Paul Vermeersch, with an introduction by Dennis Lee (Harbour Publishing)
From the publisher: Eurithe Purdy says Al [Purdy] was always his most productive at the A-frame. “Despite the caviar receptions and gold accolades, he always returned to this jury-rigged little A-frame tacked to a low-slung, leaning bungalow. The whole edifice, he observed, ‘bent a little in the wind and dreamt of the trees it came from.’ Here, he could observe all his poetry’s recurring themes: love, death, ego, ‘the glories of copulation.'” All profits from The Al Purdy A-Frame Anthology will go towards preserving the Purdy home as a retreat for future generations of Canadian writers.

On the Head of a Pin: A Thaddeus Lewis Mystery, by Janet Kellough (Dundurn)
From the publisher: Thaddeus Lewis, an itinerant “saddlebag” preacher still mourns the mysterious death of his daughter Sarah as he rides to his new posting in Prince Edward County. When a girl in Demorestville dies in a similar way, he realizes that the circumstances point to murder. But in the turmoil following the 1837 Mackenzie Rebellion he can get no one to listen. Convinced there is a serial killer loose in Upper Canada, Lewis alone must track the culprit across a colony convulsed by dissension, invasion, and fear. His only clues are a Book of Proverbs and a small painted pin left with the victims. And the list of suspects is growing …

A Taste Of Prince Edward County: A Guide To The People, Places & Food Of Ontario’s Favourite Getaway, by Chris Johns (Random House)
From the publisher: This comprehensive, elegant guide covers hotels, restaurants, wineries, local attractions, and much more, along with itinerary suggestions showcasing the best of what Prince Edward County has to offer. With profiles of key people behind some of the county’s most beloved establishments, this book goes beyond typical guidebook territory. A Taste of Prince Edward County also includes a selection of recipes and wine pairings from chefs and restaurateurs based in the area, all inspired by the culinary bounty PEC has to offer.

The County Wave: 21 Stories by Prince Edward County Writers (Cressy Lakeside Publishing)
The County Wave is an anthology of 21 stories by Prince Edward County writers. The culmination of the Cressy Lakeside Books short story contest, The County Wave offers readers a wide range of styles and story lines that are thought provoking and entertaining, with illustrations by local artists.

For the Birds: A Prince Edward County Celebration, edited by JC Sulzenko (Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory)
From the publisher: A unique souvenir of a visit to the County. Celebrate songbirds and raptors, waterfowl and scavengers with a copy of this 46-page, full-colour poetry book. The new PEPtBO publication features stunning images of birds taken by 2 local photographers and contest-winning poetry – 17 Poets, 20 Poems, 20 Photos. Net proceeds benefit the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory.

And, of course, our personal fav…

Don’t Honk Twice: A Prince Edward County Anthology, edited by Tanya Finestone & Leigh Nash, with illustrations by Nell Casson (Invisible Publishing)
From the publisher: Prince Edward County is a place of stories—of farming equipment gone awry, Horn Trips, unruly vineyards, Meat Rolls, and more. These are the stories you’re likely to hear over a beer or glass of wine (or two), at the post office or from a neighbour, at a funeral or a family reunion—the local legends, intergenerational tales, historical anecdotes, and funny and fond memories that capture the magic of the County.

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