Glory’s a contender in County Reads 2018

Five County residents will champion their favourite Canadian book as part of a newly-expanded County Reads weekend festival, and Gillian Wigmore’s GLORY is one of the contenders!

Here’s the lowdown: On Thursday, April 19, 7–9 PM, there’ll be a great debate, moderated by County author Ken Murray, and spectators will get to vote on who does the best job:

  • Krista Dalby defends GLORY by Gillian Wigmore
  • Ray Hobson defends The Last Neanderthal by Claire Cameron
  • Conrad Beaubien defends Testimony by Robbie Robertson
  • Sarah Selecky defends Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson
  • Shelagh Mathers defends The River by Helen Humphreys

The winner will be announced with great fanfare at the evening’s finale. Get all the details!

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