Books Beyond Bars

Check out this awesome initiative Invisible author Kaleigh Trace is involved in — they’re looking for support! Books Beyond Bars is a library program, writing workshops, and a reading-out-loud program with women incarcerated at the correctional facility in Burnside, Nova Scotia. Here’s the deal:

Books Beyond Bars is a an entirely volunteer run group that operates on a very small budget. They spend about $150-$200 per month, are currently are running low on funds and are seeking public support to continue this program. If you have a dollar or two to spare, please consider donating; funds help to buy books, journals, drawing paper, recording equipment and transportation.

Since 2005, Books Beyond Bars has and continues to:

  • Distribute books and writing journals in a library program
  • Collect writing, artwork and poetry for a zine and book, called “Words Without Walls”
  • Offer a “Read Aloud” program in which we audio record women inside reading children’s books and then send the book and CD to their children outside
  • Organize writing and poetry workshops

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