The Utility of Boredom Jays Tickets Giveaway!

Invisible Publishing is giving away a pair of Jays tickets to celebrate the launch of The Utility of Boredom by Andrew Forbes. And you only need to answer one question to enter. (Okay, two questions if you count the tiebreaker.)

Correctly guess what the Toronto Blue Jays’ win-loss record will be at the All-Star Break and you’ll win two tickets to see the Jays play the Orioles at the Rogers Centre (nee Skydome) on Saturday, July 30, 2016.

If there’s more than one correct guess, the REAL winner is whoever most closely guesses Jose Bautista’s home run total at the All-Star Break. Only one entry allowed per person because c’mon. Contest closes after the last out on Opening Day, April 4. The winner will be announced on July 12, 2016.

And while you’re waiting to find out whether you won, pick up a copy of The Utility of Boredom: it’s a collection of essays for ardent seamheads and casual baseball fans alike. You’ll enjoy it even more than you’ll enjoy seeing the Jays in person on July 30.

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