Sideshow Tour Diary #9 | Class of 2005

Ten years ago, I graduated from St. FX University in Antigonish, NS. The longest piece in Sideshow Concessions is about a particular series of experiences I had there. I never read this piece publicly (in part because its length makes it tough to fit into shorter sets), so I thank this amazing Antigonish audience for allowing me to truly let it rip in the town where that shit went down. Whew, catharsis!

I finally got to meet the inimitable Rachel Hurst, who put together a fantastic, warm, fun, public event with squares to eat afterwards. Former profs, former classmates, Edmonton pals, high school students, new faces, a baby—so honoured by this audience.

Earlier that day, I was pleased to visit the Gay-Straight Alliance at the local high school, which is run by my very dear friend Jenn Laudadio.

Seeing Carolyn on Monday and Jenn on Tuesday basically made me faint with glee again and again. Writing can sometimes be so solitary, especially all those rounds of revisions. But these events ‘launched’ me away from my laptop and through all my previous ‘lives’ in other places with other people. Even with a travel-sore back I am still limping on clouds because of these events and reunions. All I can say is THANK YOU, again, to all involved.

A poetry-tour dispatch from Invisible author Lucas Crawford (Sideshow Concessions). Catch Lucas between readings here on the Invisiblog for the next couple of months.

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