Sideshow Tour Diary #8 | Flying On Your Own

Reading in Sydney was just incredible! The wonderful Sheila Christie put together an event at a local queer café called Doktor Luke’s (not named after me, by the way, haha). The local poets blew me away with their performance texts, slam poems, narratives, and attitude. Performance poetry in a Cape Breton accent needs to be heard everywhere.

So many trans folks, so many laughs and hugs, so much gratitude that I didn’t get run out of town for talking about a famous Cape Bretoner (Rita MacNeil) even though I’m a NS mainlander. Afterwards, I was lucky enough to hang out with my old friend Carolyn, with whom I played baritone horn in marching band upwards of 15 years ago. She walked Carmen and I down to Rita’s house. No more perfect moment to help launch this book.

A poetry-tour dispatch from Invisible author Lucas Crawford (Sideshow Concessions). Catch Lucas between readings here on the Invisiblog for the next couple of months.

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