Sideshow Tour Diary #4 | Vancouver Launch Party: Little Sister’s and the Sea

This was the second of my ‘hometown’ launches, and I was fortunate enough to have Ali Blythe join me again to launch Twoism, and 2015 Dayne Ogilve-prize winner Alex Leslie read as well. We jammed the maximum amount of bodies possible into the reading corner of the store; we had young folks sitting on the floor, my uncle on a stool, poets standing in the back, and an awesome baby pooping in the back! Ali was kind enough to point out to the crowd that, at some point last week, Sideshow Concessions reached #1 in Canadian Poetry on I didn’t even know a person could track such things. Have I already told you to go grab Ali Blythe’s Twoism? Please do yourself the favour, and don’t forget to love on Alex Leslie’s books too. So much to love.

Afterwards, we headed down Davie Street to the Sylvia Hotel for drinks and/or chocolate mousse. We sat next to a big window (well, most walls in Vancouver are basically windows) that looked out onto English Bay. (I remember walking down to English Bay the first time I visited Vancouver in 2008, and, like many queers, I have a story about clutching an important book at Little Sister’s and reading half of it sitting on the floor before buying it.) At the Sylvia lounge, I got to hold the aforementioned baby for a long time while chatting up her birthday-girl mom. I got to meet so many wonderful writers and rad folks. All in all, I am feeling spoiled by Vancouver’s literary community right now. Here are some pics.

A poetry-tour dispatch from Invisible author Lucas Crawford (Sideshow Concessions). Catch Lucas between readings here on the Invisiblog for the next couple of months. HALIFAX: Hear Lucas read tonight at Venus Envy!

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