Hot, Wet, and Shaking Launch in Hfx

Halifax Postcard


Our pal Kaleigh wrote an awesome book called Hot, Wet and Shaking, and tonight she’s kicking off a bunch of promo with a little book birthday at The Company House (2202 Gottingen Street)!
Kaleigh’s going to read, local notable, Lee-Anne Poole’s going to read, then our DJ friends (DJ Regalia and DJ Goldilocks) are going to ensure this event gets eponymous!
Did I mention snacks? Rad snacks will be available in abundance thanks to Jess from Gold Island Bakery!

Bottom line: go to this thing. You’ll like it. I promise.

You can find all the details HERE.

Hot, Wet, and Shaking Launch in Halifax!
The Company House• 2202 Gottingen Street
Wednesday 13 August

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