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Jeremy Stewart has won the 2014 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry!

After having made the RK shortlist more than once over the past couple of years, Jeremy Stewart’s finally taken the prize with his manuscript for, Hidden City. We couldn’t be more psyched to crown him the winner of the 8th annual Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry, Canada’s most prestigious award for innovative poetry.
For his outstanding work, Jeremy receives a trade book contract with Invisible Publishing, via its Snare imprint, with a $500.00 advance. His title has been slotted in for publication in October of 2014.

2014 Robert Kroetsch Award judge Ken Babstock has this to say:

Hidden City could be any of our cities. It could be your town. It’s certainly one of the clattering, desperate voices we all carry around inside. This is a crackling, energetic, desperate suite of poems. Weird and worrying.”

All the details of Stewart’s forthcoming title follow:

Hidden City
Jeremy Stewart
ISBN 9781926743516
Price $15.95
1 October 2014 | 80p | poetry

How does a place get in your bones? How do you become the bones of a place? Hidden City unearths memories that don’t want to be found.
A poem cycle that speaks through disembodied voices—the parts of ourselves we don’t want to acknowledge, but which refuse to be silenced—Hidden City’s post-lyrical form opens a secret door to the experience of nostalgia for a traumatic past.

Jeremy Stewart’s work has appeared in ditch, stonestone, and filling Station. He won the Barry McKinnon Chapbook Award in 2007, and had several past efforts shortlisted for the Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry before winning the prize in 2014. Hidden City is his second book. His first book, (flood basement, was released by Caitlin Press in 2009. Stewart lives in Prince George, BC.

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