Homing (Anniversary Edition)

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Stephanie Domet

ISBN 9781926743394
Price $19.95
30 April 2013 | 200p | fiction

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Leah is haunted: by the things she’s done, and the things she has failed to do. And then there’s the the ghost of her brother. She has to learn to let go of the past if she, or her brother, are ever going to move on.

A funny, urban story, Homing is about love, death, and rock and roll—through the eyes of a woman who’s grown afraid of the city, a ghost who’s lost his way, a musician who’s trying to find his, and Sandy and Harold, a pair of homing pigeons who help each of them bring it all home.

Stephanie Domet lives in Halifax with her husband. Her debut novel, Homing, won the Margaret and John Savage First Book Award. She is forever trying to perfect homemade ravioli, and a piano rendition of “Sweet Caroline”.


A classic work of award-winning Atlantic fiction.

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