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Sideshow Tour Diary #5 | Literary Press Group’s 40th Anniversary Party / Real Vancouver Writers’ Series

There’s not really any way to describe my pleasure of reading alongside Jane Munro (2015 Griffin winner!), Leah Horlick (curator of Reverb, and new Women’s Centre staff at SFU), and Lana Pesch (author of Moving Parts, in town from Toronto) and to be hosted by the hilarious duo of Sean Cranbury and Dina del Bucchia. […]

Meet the Presses Indie Literary Market

It’s your last chance to pick up Invisible titles in person before the holidays! We’re taking part in the Indie Literary Market in Toronto tomorrow—that’s Saturday, November 14—from 12-5 pm at the Tranzac, 292 Brunswick Ave. And in two-for-one fun, the announcement for the winner of the 30th bpNichol Chapbook Award will take place that […]

Sideshow Tour Diary #4 | Vancouver Launch Party: Little Sister’s and the Sea

This was the second of my ‘hometown’ launches, and I was fortunate enough to have Ali Blythe join me again to launch Twoism, and 2015 Dayne Ogilve-prize winner Alex Leslie read as well. We jammed the maximum amount of bodies possible into the reading corner of the store; we had young folks sitting on the […]

Sideshow Tour Diary #3 | Toronto’s Naked Heart LGBTQ Literature Festival: CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE

It is the night before your first-ever reading in that minor metropolis known as Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Have you heard of it? Your main decisions tonight are what to eat for dinner and what time to go to bed. What will you choose? A. Eat some protein, vegetables, and grains, and then go to bed […]

5 (Invisible) Things We’re Listening To Right Now

We’ve been on the road a lot this fall for launches and book fairs and everything in between – which means we’ve been filling our ears with a slew of new podcasts to help pass the travel time. In no particular order, here are five invisibly-themed podcasts to help you get from A to B: […]

Sideshow Tour Diary #2 | Edmonton Launch: Hearts May Be Fist-Sized Muscles, But Tear Glands Are Almond-Shaped Alchemists

Emotions! They happen, among other places, in poetry. Or, they are witnessed there, caused there, repressed there, and so on. Sometimes after doing a highly personal reading, audience members will kindly ask or exclaim about the challenges of sharing such texts with seeming strangers. I’m never quite sure what to say, though I do sometimes […]

Escape Plans Launches in Toronto & Montreal

We have two launches coming at you for Teri Vlassopoulos’s gorgeous inside-and-out Escape Plans. Teri’s first novel charts the story of the Kiriakos family in the wake of father Niko’s disappearance and what it means to reconcile the truth with life’s omens. November 15 | Toronto 8:00pm @ The Holy Oak, 1241 Bloor Street West […]

Meaningful Games: Wait Till Next Year

I watched the last eleven games the Kansas City Royals played in 2015, and a few others before that, and rooting interests aside, I don’t believe there was a better team in baseball. That statement should be provable merely by the fact that they hoisted the World Series trophy Sunday night in Citi Field after […]