Invisible Publishing is a not-for-profit publisher that produces contemporary Canadian fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. Our titles are well-written, beautifully designed, and affordable, and even though we’re small in scale, we take our work, and our mission, seriously: We believe that books are meant to be enjoyed by everyone. At Invisible, publishers and authors recognize a commitment to one another, and to the development of communities that sustain and encourage storytellers.

Invisible Publishing is also home to the Bibliophonic series (Canadian music books), the Snare imprint (innovative poetry), and the Throwback series (reprints of Canadian oddities).

Since releasing our first fiction titles in the spring of 2007, our catalogue has come to include works of graphic fiction and non-fiction, pop culture biographies, experimental poetry, and prose. Learn a little more about how we work here, here, and here.

Leigh Nash

Leigh Nash

Head book maker

Megan Fildes
Art Director

Founder / book & everything designer

Robbie MacGregor

Founder / admin & tech wizard

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