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Wooden Stars

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Wooden Stars: Innocent Gears
Malcolm Fraser

ISBN 9781926743400
Price $12.95
20 October 2013 | 112p | non-fiction

The Juno award-winning Wooden Stars both epitomized and transcended the sound of mid-90s indie rock. One of Canada’s greatest bands, they helped build a scene whose members would go on to be associated with some of the country’s most revered acts including Julie Doiron, Islands and Arcade Fire.
With Wooden Stars: Innocent Gears, Malcolm Fraser tracks the highs and lows of this totally unique and influential band.

Malcolm Fraser is a writer, musician and filmmaker based in Montreal. He’s made two music documentaries, Everything’s Coming My Way: The Life and Music of Gordon Thomas (co-directed with Stacey DeWolfe) and Corpusse: Surrender to the Passion. He writes regularly about film and culture for Cult MTL, and plays music with The World Provider, Lion Farm and other projects.

3 Responses to “Wooden Stars”

  1. The World Provider» Blog Archive » I Have a Book

    […] Halifax-based Invisible Publishing has a series of books on Canadian music called Bibliophonic, and they’ve granted me the great privilege of writing something about one of my all-time favourite bands, Ottawa indie-rock legends the Wooden Stars. […]

  2. Pre-tour, home time update

    […] This is a crazy trip down memory lane. Filmmaker, writer and musician Malcolm Fraser (you may know him as The World Provider) has written a not-so-small chronical of the trials and tribulations of Wooden Stars – one of my longest running and most formative collaborative musical projects. We made a lot of music off and on from about 1994 until 2007. Some of the music is amazing, and some of it is ridiculous. Some amazingly ridiculous and some ridiculously amazing. The details are foggy for us, and Malcolm really did his best to make sense of our story. So far, it’s a trip for me to read it. I don’t know what else to say  yet. If you are interested, you can find it at Invisible Publishing. […]


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